San Diego, California USA

Current Projects

Officina Moto Italia

Motorcycle Design & Engineering

Design and engineering of street & race engines, scooters and motorcycles. This group is designing new models with 'clean' 2-stroke engines never before used in the motorcycle industry.

Erik Buell Motorcycles

American Motorcycle Engineering

One of the most innovative American design & engineering companies. Seeking new ownership and engineering partners for 2-wheeled motorcycle development, production and distribution. Management, product line and manufacturing facilities in place.

Bimota motorcycles

Unique Italian Design

Bimota is a small Italian manufacturer of custom motorcycles for discerning buyers. Founded in 1973 in Rimini, Italy by Valerio Bianchi, Giuseppe Morri, and Massimo Tamburini, famous for his work at Ducati. Superb engineering, unique design and high performance are Bimota's signature. A crown jewel, this company is available for acquisition.

US Grand Prix Championship

Prototype Racing for North America

A new racing series for prototype motorcycles in north america, the USGPC provides opportunities for manufacturers, sponsors and media interested in reaching a dynamic sporting audience.

Race Facility Development

Lost SoCal Racing Facilities

One of the most unique opportunities in real estate investment is in a working recreational facility for motorsports enthusiasts. There are several locations in southern California prime for this kind of development.

Industry Growth

2-Wheels are the Future

Around the globe, scooters and motorcycles are the main sources of transportation for millions of people. Emerging markets as China and Indonesia provide huge markets yet untapped.

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Why Invest?

Unique Opportunities

The economic impact of the motorcycle industry on areas housing manufacturers, supporting contractors & suppliers, and circuits hosting Grand Prix events is undeniable.

  • The Circuit of Americas in Austin, Texas contributes $900M annually to the local economy through events and operations;
  • Indianapolis Motor Speedway contributes over $500M annually to the local Indiana economy through jobs and events held in the region.
  • Laguna Seca Raceway in Monterey, California has created over $1Billion in economic benefits to the Central Coast region the last five decades.

Instead of investing in tech ventures that have a lifespan of weeks or months, invest long-term in tangible goods and the people who make them reality.

Opportunities include:

  • Working Capital for Manufacturing
  • Industrial Real Estate Investment
  • Equity Investment in Companies
  • Capital Support for Sports Sanctioning Group
  • Sponsorship of Motorsports Events
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