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Clean-burn Engine Technology

Manufacturers have universally adopted 4-stroke engines for transportation, and largely ignored the advantages of new powerplant design. Small and emerging manufacturers are now embracing new technologies as direct-injection 2-stroke engines for their new product lines.

Limited Emissions and Nanoparticulates of a Scooter with 2-Stroke Direct Injection (TSDI) - SAE International

One of the most promising new technologies in combustion engines is the use of direct injection to reduce emissions and optimize power, both in 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines. This technology is proven in both marine and snowmobile applications, and is now available for use in 2-wheeled vehicles.

Evaluation of the Potential Benefits of an Automotive, Gasoline, 2-Stroke Engine - SAE International

One of the most fundamental benefits of two-stroke engine design is the surprisingly small number of components needed for the engine to operate. This is advantageous especially in light vehicles like motorcycles, where lower weight means better performance. It also means an overall smaller carbon footprint for each vehicle produced.

Combined with direct injection, the 21st Century two-stroke engine burns clean and is far less costly to produce than comparable 4-stroke or diesel powerplants.

High Performance with Sustainability

Making Performance Green

Racing requires substantial manufacturing support and equipment to make the sport a viable entertainment avenue. As such, it employes hundreds of people working as contractors building components, team members doing a variety of tasks, and manufacturers building race machinery. There are numerous methods to reduce the overall carbon footprint and environmental impact of racing activities. Below are companies using innovative technologies to reduce the overall environmental impact of transportation:

These developments and technologies trickle down to the consumer through their integration and adoption into autos and motorcycles that consumers use everyday.

The Future

Clean 2-Stroke Engineering

Direct-injection engine technologyhas proven itself in snowmobile and ATVs, and shows promise for motorcycle applications due to its lightweight and high efficiency.

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The GP Holdings Advantage

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